Michael Troeger: Sued Employer, Lost Lawsuit, Legal Abuse

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Michael Troeger: Sued Employer, Lost Lawsuit, Legal Abuse



Michael Troeger vs Ellenville Central School District


Michael Troeger filed a case against Ellenville Central School District under violation of the Civil Rights Act (1964, Title VII), ADA, and Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and various other actions seeking injunctive, declaratory, and monetary relief. Michael was employed at Ellenville School as a School Counselor.

Michael Troeger filed many lawsuits against his employer but lost all of them. All of his claims were rejected by the court.

He filed many internal complaints, Michael Troeger estimated that these complaints contained more than 10,000 allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and complaints of a hostile work environment. Michael contends that Ellenville School either failed to investigate these complaints, or assigned a biased compliance offer who was implicated in the complaint to investigate the claims.

Michael argues that this manner of investigation or lack thereof violated the terms of his collective bargaining agreement. In furtherance of receiving an impartial investigation, he has made in excess of 200 requests for the third-party investigation to review his allegations, which have all been denied by the Board of Education. Michael has disabilities including a back injury, GI/ disorder with explosive vomiting, asthma, and emotional disabilities of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Ellenville School harasses, intimidates, stalk blocks an exit, places them under surveillance, provides negative, threatening, and disparaging written communication, belittle, humiliates, and conducts other acts of like kind targeting him on multiple occasions.

Ellenville School falsely accuses Michael in a letter of being racist, defames him by implying that he is aggressive or mentally imbalanced, and threatens to terminate him if he continues to file complaints. Michael was harassed by a compliance officer, wherein who mocked him, belittled him, and talked in a child’s voice, humiliating him to sobbing.

What is ADA?

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A civil rights statute known as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or ADA (42 U.S.C. 12101), forbids discrimination based on a person’s handicap. It gives Americans with disabilities the same protections from discrimination as the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlawed discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin, and other factors. Later, it outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity as well. The ADA also imposes accessibility requirements on public accommodations, unlike the Civil Rights Act, and mandates that covered firms make reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities.

The first iteration of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was submitted in the House and Senate in 1988, was created by the National Council on Disability, which had urged its adoption in 1986.

The ADA was opposed by business organizations (who said the bill put expenses on business) and conservative evangelicals while being supported by a large bipartisan coalition of lawmakers (who opposed protection for individuals with HIV). President George H. W. Bush approved the final bill on July 26, 1990, and it became a law. President George W. Bush later updated it in 2008, and the modifications were effective on January 1, 2009.

Section I: Employment

Speech notes that President George H. W. Bush used on July 26, 1990, to sign the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A “covered entity” is prohibited from discriminating against “a qualified individual with a disability” by the ADA. This applies to the hiring process, employee promotion and termination, job training, and any other terms, conditions, and employment rights.

Employers with 15 or more employees, employment agencies, labor unions, and joint labor-management committees are all considered “covered entities.”

There are tight restrictions on when a covered business can inquire about a job applicant’s or employee’s handicap or demand that they undergo a medical examination, and all medical information must be kept private. Segregation, harassment based on a handicap, and terminating or refusing to hire someone because of a real or perceived disability are all examples of prohibited discrimination.

Also, covered companies must make appropriate accommodations for disabled job applicants and workers. A reasonable accommodation is a change in how something is usually done that a person needs due to a disability.

Examples of reasonable accommodations include special equipment that enables a person to perform the job, scheduling adjustments, and changes to how work assignments are selected or communicated. Employers are not compelled to make accommodations that would cause them undue hardship (extreme difficulty or expense), and those who obtain accommodations are still required to fulfill the job’s essential duties and adhere to the norms of performance.

When a covered entity takes unfavorable action based on such use, an employee or candidate who is currently abusing drugs is not deemed eligible.

People can be treated unfairly based on a variety of infirmities, including psychological ones. Someone whose history of mental illness is known may be deemed handicapped. Companies with more than 15 staff members are required to treat all workers equitably and provide any necessary accommodations. Employers are required to continue adhering to all disability-related policies even when a worker performs their job extraordinarily well.

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Picture of Michael Troeger.

Claims Made By Michael Troeger To Hide His Criminal Past:

The following section contains the claims made by the PR team of Michael Troeger. Hence, read this section with a grain of salt.

Michael James Troeger, a lifetime educator from New York, has made a career out of balancing and emphasizing a variety of knowledge with moral and ethical leadership. After receiving his B.A. and B.S. from SUNY, Michael went on to West Point to receive his M.S. in counseling psychology and the corresponding counseling certification.

Michael also has a doctorate and a master’s degree in educational leadership. Michael thinks that having a solid background in education helped to shape his career because it made him realize how important it is to take a multifaceted approach to overcome persistent challenges in the field of education. He uses this knowledge to combine the methodologies of psychology and education.

Michael Troeger’s work merging education and psychology caught Senator Cook’s attention, and he requested him to assist in coordinating a “single point” program for New York State public school systems, which was notable as the state’s first of its kind. His strategy is currently used as the model for educational initiatives throughout the entire state of New York.

Michael decided to have a good impact on outstanding children and make sure of a seamless transition from school to activities related to college and careers after being motivated by some of the underprivileged students he worked with as a coordinator. Intending to extend student advocacy to public school students in grades K–12, Michael joined the team at the Ulster County Transition Coordination Council and the Ulster County School to Work Partnership steering committees.

Michael was honored and recognized by Ulster County and the New York State Legislature for his dedication to assisting students with behavioral and mental health challenges and for ensuring that the committee maintained IEP and 504 compliance within the school district, properly supervised students on probation, and coordinated college and career efforts.

Michael Troeger of New York would start his own educational company using his years of experience in education. Michael has continued to support marginalized groups in his role as COO of his company and has worked as a district point person for special education, program creation, social-emotional learning, and more.

Michael has done research on a variety of important subjects, including teacher job satisfaction, the best educational strategies for upholding great school cultures, and administrative leadership styles. He is an expert in transformative educational leadership.


Michael Troeger sued his employer for his personal gain but failed to get anything out of it.

Beware of such employees who disregard their employers and only focus on their personal growth. There are plenty of similar cases where someone abused or tried to abuse legal loopholes.

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