Drone Snap Hovers over Unchartered Territory


Small Unmanned Aerial Systems or, “drones” have taken the world by storm. The low hum of their propellers can be heard in a variety of industries embracing this new technology. Drones are changing the way business is conducted both new and old, allowing agents, artists, companies and governments to broaden their impact, and lower their running costs.

Drone Snap is a proudly South African company that achieved international recognition from the #dreamtrepreneur campaign for start-ups. After winning a trip to London, the Pretoria based duo have expanded and taken Drone Snap to new heights – delivering a truly unique array of services for its clients.

The company offers drone technology uniquely suited for its clients. This includes rentals, services and support for: agricultural research and management; aerial videography, photography and cinematography for events, productions, and locations; real-estate planning and construction quality assurance; as well as mapping and geographic research.

The world of drone technology is far-reaching. Whether it means shooting 4k-resolution video footage for professional production, or assessing the health and management of crops, drones can change the way industries gather and manage valuable information.

Drones coupled with huge advancements in film-equipment, uniquely suited to drone technology, allow us to view the world from the air. They give us exhilarating imagery at a fraction of what it would cost for traditional aerial photography, aerial videography, photography, aerial cinematography.

Drone 2

Cape Town based photographer Johnny Miller (Millefoto) is an early adopter of this technology and has used drone footage to get a new perspective on the architecture of inequality still remnant of the Apartheid days. His footage of Cape Town is a unique, sobering look at inequality in Cape Town.

Drone Snap unlocks drone technology for South Africans, bringing home one of the world’s newest influential technologies. They support mapping, geographic research, agricultural management, creative film and photography, and construction quality assurance.

The proliferation of drones throughout the world today makes it easy to see the large impact that these hovering eyeballs already have, and how much more they have to offer in the future. Drone Snap is ahead of the curve.

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